Wednesday, May 18, 2011

High School Experience

Hmmmmmmm, well I do believe that my favorite high school experience was when performed in Dracula. The play was full of many dramatic and hilarious moments. Working with Seth, a former IACS student, was a once in a life time experience. He was willing to go above and beyond his character for the play. It was the first horror play the school had ever done. With fake blood, screams, and multiple rolls of duct tape to fix the bed I had to lay on, this was my favorite high school experience.

Project Senior Senior Project

For my Senior Project I directed William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The setting was in the 1943, World War 2, Nazi occupied Germany. I chose this setting to bring back the true tragedy that Will (yeah, I know him on a first name basis, be jealous) originally intended. By borrowing the thoughts and feelings that people have about the horrific time of World War 2 I had hoped to gain the original experience for the audience. The process took over a year of planning, building, crying, yelling, laughing, and finally pulling my hair out. I had to build a gigantic bridge and four seperate brick filled panels. In the end I could not have been happier with how each performance turned out.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Scout. My dog. She is a German shepheard, lab, donkey, black bear mix who weighs well over 120 pounds. She has lived at my house for six years and some odd months. When I say live I do in fact mean live as an equal among our people. A few years back she decided that my bed was hers. When I tried to prove she was wrong she demonstrated what doing nothing but lying still can trully do. Needless to say she won. I now share her bed. She has extremely large ears that we believe are used for nothin more than to bounce our commands off of. Her fur, which is a very heavy coat, is black and white. She has multiple freckles on hr nose. The older she gets the more noicable they become. We believe she is inbread as she has eight extra toes. This picture shows another reasoning for our belief. She likes to lay down and stick her tongue out. She does not pant when she does his. She simply sticks it out. Currently her stomachs is shaved. About a month ago she had an infection in her uterus. Surgery was required and for two weeks she was required to wear the "cone of shame". Luckily she lived through the survey, the pain medication that made her extremely loopy, and emarrasment of the "cone of shame".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What many call Spring Break

As I sit here, eating a chocolate chip bagel, I have come to realize that I have never had a true "Spring Break". True this allotted time is a break from school, but in our society today it is so much more. A modern Spring Break involves a trip outside of you city, state, or country. A modern Spring Break involves going somewhere that takes the monotony of school away from your over worked brain. A modern Spring Break is something I have never experienced. From kindergarten and beyond my break during the season of Spring has consisted of staying home, catching up on much needed sleep, and full of all around laziness. This last break was no exception. For days on end I made up for the lack of television, in my sweats, eating a rather large bowl of Captain Crunch Cereal (It was on sale). When I was not the definition of sloth I was working on my Senior Project, taking away my break from all school related topics. Other than the mentioned activities my break from school was simply a small break from school.


Friday, March 18, 2011


Has it ever occurered to anyone,whether that be teachers,parents,ect., that perhaps we (meaning all of mankind) have been forced to reach the idea of adulthood before we are mentally or emotionally ready? At the age of eighteen we inherit the responsibility of laws our parents follow, the ability to vote,serve our country and enter into legally binding contracts that have the potential to ruin our lives. In highschool we are taught that the teenage brain is not fully developed,yet as seniors we are pushed to choose a college for our future. This is often a life altering choice. So much is expected out of we teens. How many times have you felt overwhelmed or stretched beyond your limit yet forced to go on, pushing past your emotional and mental limit? Too many times for many of us. Where is the line? And who draws this line? Is it us, the students who are effected and dare I say tortured, who say no to our oppressors? Or is the very people who shove this ideal young adult theory in our minds who draw the line? Yet for all my talk I will go about my day tomrrow as if no epiphany has been made. I will continue to please the oppressors for their benefit.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I have borrowed my technique of preparing from those who train for marathons. The runners prepare by running more and more each day. The same can be said for deep sea divers, with each dive comes more feet into the dark abyss. My marathon: 24 hours without shoes. For the past two weeks, close to 300 hours I have been training for TOMS day of no shoes. In the comfort of my own home I shed the protection of rubber, pleather, plastic, and laces for the natural feeling of naked feet. Stepping outside on the concrete is somewhat of a shock to my little piggies. It is when I place my feet on the soil, bare of grass, that I feel the chill. The accumulation of cold days is felt in the Earth. Each level of dirt and rocks has acquired the freezing temperature. With each step the pain and the numbing only get worse. My feet are the first ones to experience the change of terrain, from soft dirt to a rocky and uneven surface. Minutes pass by as my numbed feet carry me around my yard. When I return to the warmth of carpet and artificial heat I almost leap for joy. Despite the fact that I no longer can feel my pinkie toes (who needs them anyway?) I feel accomplished. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No shoes!


It was April the fifth of last year. The day was cloudy, the kind of cloudy that traps the heat of hell in Nampa. Any lick of the wind had disappeared, leaving us in a mourning state. Waking up to anger of nature was never an easy thing to do but for that one day I had a mission to fulfill. That burning and sweaty day was no shoe day in dedication of Tom Shoes. The entirety of the day consisted of walking the cement, rocks, and dirt barefoot; a small taste of what ill fitted feet of children in the world go through. The introduction to this day was given to me when I purchased a pair of eco friendly TOMS for Christmas. Not wearing shoes peaks people's interests. Questions are then asked and an explanation is given. Thus the cause by the simple act of not wearing shoes.